Perios Story

Perios revolutionising the grill experience not re-inventing it. with key focus on offering variety of flavours to appeal to all taste buds. add this to freshly sourced ingredients that make up our menu then mix it with a dream of creating gourmet grill dishes, and, voila. you get perios. But there is more to the story.



At Peri’os we live by our mission statement, “fresh food, global flavours”. All our food is prepared fresh every day from certified local sources and Peri’os is the only concept restaurant that is able to offer a truly global experience in flavours and grill.

The name Peri’os originated during our travels across different continents. When our passion for food made us experiment relentlessly with all types of spices and flavours in search of one universal base flavour for all our chickens. After months of trials we found what we were looking for and we called this flavour Peri’os.

We also wanted to provide unprecedented choice for our customers and a different culinary experience at every visit. For this reason after experimenting in the kitchen we came up with the range of eight global flavours – each offering the flavour of a specific world cuisine – that we are proud to offer our customers today.

But choice is not the only way in which we have revolutionised the ‘grill’ experience: we have chosen to offer a healthier and more authentic alternative to traditional chicken fast food by using better quality products and creating an enjoyable dining experience with the mix of quality food, friendly service and a convivial ambience.

As a result the Peri’os brand is expanding, as we venture to open throughout the UK and Ireland. Like our flavours we want to take this brand globally, and this is only the beginning of our journey and there is still a lot to come as the Peri’os story goes on!