About Us
The Good Food Superhero

"I'm here to fight for quality food, and fresh ingredients, and the PERIOS way."

Quality food

Fresh & Local

Amazing experience

PERIOS is all about Good Food. As simple as it sounds, this is a mission requiring almost Superhero’s powers nowadays!
In a world full of fast & easy but equally unhealthy processed food we choose the right way to do things:
– We only use locally sourced ingredients
– No artificial colours or flavours
– Handmade burgers
– Best quality British poultry
– 100% Aberdeen Angus beef
–¬†Handmade Brioche buns
– Natural farm products
– Nothing processed, only real fresh food
For us, this is the right way of preparing Good Food: the PERIOS way.

Every dish on our menu is prepared fresh in the restaurant, inspired by the tastiest Texas and Mexican culinary traditions. You get freshly grilled chicken, handmade beef patties (using the best possible Aberdeen Angus beef), soft handmade Brioche burger buns, crispy fries, delicious tacos, burritos, nachos, fajitas – all with fresh ingredients – healthy salads, guacamole made from fresh avocados… And so much more! The key words here are FRESH and HIGH-QUALITY.

People say that true heroes don’t need superpowers. What they need, however, is a rightful cause to fight for. And this is how PERIOS, the Good Food Superhero, was born. Inspired by the best American Superheroes tradition and the Mexican Lucha Libre warriors, he is here to fight against the bad food and bring back fresh & high-quality food options in our lives. Let the fight begin!