The absolute best Tex-Mex dishes with flavours from around the world.

PERIOS is a leading brand in Tex-Mex fast casual, a segment of consumer food service that is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth in the UK, as consumers increasingly trade down from full-service restaurants into establishments.

Proven success

Better results

Ongoing support

PERIOS’ strong market position derives from a number of factors:

  •     it offers freshly prepared, signature food at competitive price points
  •     it has strong appeal across all age groups, genders, lifestyles, nationalities
  •     it puts strong emphasis on customer service by ensuring staff is fully trained to enhance each customer’s eating experience
  •     it is a systemised and simplified operation not requiring skilled labour resources and not staff-intensive
  •     unlike most other fast casual restaurants, PERIOS uses only British farm-assured chicken, fresh ingredients and a variety of healthy food and drinks
  •     its versatile model comprises take away and delivery options
  •     it offers a vibrant, convivial eating experience

PERIOS potential in terms of market penetration is enormous and the brand is only at an early stage of its growth. We at Perios are keen to work with partners that have the experience, resources and passion to bring the concept to live in any chosen territory by developing multiple units in partnership with us.

  •     Do you have a passion for quality farm-assured chicken and do you see its business potential?
  •     Do you have a net worth of at least £200,000 and liquid capital of at least £150,000?
  •     Do you have a commitment to develop PERIOS in your target market?
  •     Does your organisation have the infrastructure and operational know-how to get the most out of this business?
  •     Do you have the systems in place to ensure that the Perios method is consistently applied in your business?

If you answered yes, then please contact us with your interest and we will be in touch shortly to discuss the opportunity.